04 December 2013

My 22nd Birthday Week & More

Can't believe I'm 22 already. (I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty-two...) The amount of times I heard the Taylor Swift song this past weekend... well, let's just say I lost count around the twentieth time it happened.
Despite having a final at 8:30 in the morning on Friday (my birthday), it turned out pretty good. I got a few birthday cards in the mail; my mom's having a Canucks themed stamp on it. (Can you say awesome!?) Then I had a review class for English before taking a nap and getting ready for the night.

Five of us girls headed downtown to the waterfront and had dinner at The CUT, and I had a very, very delicious veggie burger. Exam quiet hours were already in effect, so we hung around our rooms and I'm pretty sure we still violated those rules, but we didn't have a massively large amount of people hanging around so it was okay. 

Since that weekend was also Thanksgiving for all y'all down south, I picked up some really great deals up here as it seems Black Friday has come to Canada, ha. Saved a good fourty-fifty percent on some clothes! 

Tomorrow I have my last exam of the semester, then I leave Friday morning for the airport to head home for Christmas. Words cannot explain how happy I am to finally be getting home. I've missed my family and friends back there, and there's gonna be long nights of catching up, Christmas movies, baking and hugging everyone I've missed so dearly. And cannot forget to mention hockey games!

I will officially be able to say I got through my first semester at Dalhousie, and I've come out (somewhat) alive. It's definitely been a new experience, but I'm glad I did it. Moving across the country to a new place, with different people without any of my safety nets to reach for was frightening and challenging, but I'm still here. Still kicking and still going strong, and the time away from home had also opened my eyes as to who my real friends are that are willing to make that extra effort to stay in contact even though I'm no longer in close proximity to them anymore. Those are the ones I can't wait to get back to, and will definitely be getting my full attention when I'm home. My calendar for the first week back is already fully booked up, and it's gonna be a blast! 

The next time I update, I'll probably be back in Vancouver so I'll see you guys then! 

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