01 January 2014

Welcome 2014, Please Be Good

This past year has been filled with doubts, reassurances, learning and most of all changes. The biggest change moving across the country to go to school, and learning some big things about myself in the process. I've doubted my abilities, only to have proven my own self wrong in thinking I wasn't capable of accomplishing these things. I've reassured myself that everything happens for a reason, learned to believe this and take everything in stride. Keeping an open mind about any and all, and always being willing to try something new are two things I've pushed myself to do. I like to think I've done those things pretty well, too.

2013 started off on a bit of a flatline; feeling like there was nowhere to go... as though I were stuck. Stuck in a dead end job, living at home with a rather boring repetitive routine. I don't enjoy my customer service job. In fact, if it weren't for the brilliant people I work with, I'd absolutely hate it. Heck, I'd probably have already quit by now. Turns out though, complaining about humanity is a very good bonding task. So to all those coworkers who hate our customers as much as me, thanks for making those eight hour shifts liveable. Thanks for the laughs, accepting my sarcasm and always, always giving me some attitude because I'm a girl with a love of sass.

I applied to Dal on a bit of a whim, not really thinking I'd even get in. Even if I did, I never thought it'd be possible to go. I dreamt of what life could be like somewhere else, with new people and new experiences. In April, I applied and then bam, suddenly I was registering for classes and applying for student loans. It's amazing what can change with just one click of a button (quite literally!) and on such a whim, something can throw you right in the deep end of the ocean all by yourself.

September flew by, and I met my new roommate and moved into residence. I experienced the first dose of showering in public showers where everyone is afraid of any body part touching the walls. Where if you drop something on the ground, it's gone for good so hold onto that damn soap bar like your life depends on it! I also learned how much I took for granted cooking my own meals and how much I really must know what goes into my food. My eyes were opened even wider as to how much my mom is willing to do to help me, and I'm oh-so grateful for that.

Being at school so far away, it was comforting to come home and find out just how much I was missed. To be greeted with smiles and hugs and exclamation points (!!) screaming out at me through text messages from my friends. It's also nice to truly know who's a friend and who is simply someone of convenience. The ones who kept in touch, the ones who showed interest... thank you. I know we all have our own lives and are going about down our own paths, but I will always be around to eat some good food and have a nice chat. It's nice to know that you will be, too.

Christmas came in a flash and I can't even imagine what this next year will bring. But isn't that what all the excitement is about? The endless possibilities of the unknown. Sometimes it can be scary, but the more I think about it, the more exhilarating I think it is. The unknown is beautiful, it means anything can happen and anything is possible. It's up to you to shape these next twelve months; to write the next chapter to your story and I can't wait to read it. I hope you all choose to jump into the unknown with open arms, hearts and minds. Remember, all friends were strangers at first and everybody is fighting their own battle so kill 'em with kindness. Oh, and of course, have a very happy new year!