06 March 2014

Obsession List: Kimonos

Let's talk about this for a second. First, my current obsession with kimonos has turned from curiosity straight into straight up unhealthy. I want them -- I want them all. They're cute, girly, and you can totally wear them during the summer since they're not too heavy! I think they really make some of these outfits, too. Anyway, I snagged six of the cutest ones I've seen so far (and may currently be debating how I can buy these on my broke student budget at the moment), and put them up top. You can find them here: (these prices are Canadian, FYI)
1. TOBI Love Not Lost Kimono, $33 (SALE), Currently Sold Out 2. CLEOBELLA Monrow Kimono, $175.59, Revolve Clothing 3. BLU PEPPER Lace Fringe Kimon, $48.27, Tilly's 4. PINK ICE Floral Contrast Kimono, $34.99, Currently Sold Out 5. WINDSOR Navy Floral Crochet Chiffon Kimono, Currently Sold Out 6. LOVE Oriental Flower Print Kimono, $74, Currently Sold Out

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