30 December 2014

New Year's Eve Inspiration + Part 2

Although I'm not big on the whole idea surrounding New Year's about how you can "start fresh" and make those resolutions, I am very big on having any excuse to dress up and party with friends. I don't do the whole resolutions, as I believe any new start to a day can be used as a fresh start -- you don't just have to wait until the new year to change something, start something, or work on any goal.

New Year's generally means glitter, sparkles, good food and drinks, and dancing till midnight with my best friends. I always tend to gravitate towards golds and blacks with pops of colour. Smokey eyes with purples, browns and gold hues with a bright, bold lip. Any time I get to dress up and go out, I always consider it a challenge to just have fun with my makeup. Pinterest is a great place to search for some new ideas.

Be bold and have fun with it! Try something new this new year's, invent a new look even!

Happy New Year's, dolls!

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