17 January 2015

Never To Return Again

I'll admit, I'm terrible at sticking to any sort of budget. This is probably definitely the reason why three quarters of the way through every semester, I wind up stressed and broke. Why am I saying this now?

I just bought a thing or two for my trip in February.

A thing or two too many. (At least according to my bank account. -- Shhh.)

I'm going on a cruise to somewhere sunny and warm (hallelujah!) during my school's reading week - AKA our Spring Break - and due to this and Canada's lacklustre sunny days through winter, I've been telling myself it's an excuse to buy some new clothes. Even if they won't get worn for a few more months after that one week away.

It was 4:30 AM and I ordered:

The Ecote Crinkle Square Kimono from Urban Outfitters (on sale for $39). This will look totally cute over my bathing suit whilst lounging around the pool. Or even just some shorts and a simple tank. Light and breezy!

I also ordered a new pair of sunglasses, since apparently my favourite pair have decided to go missing on me.

The other day I also ordered this one-piece swimsuit from Victoria's Secret:

A girl can never have too many bathing suits, right? Right??!

Mum's totally gonna kill me.

Now, I leave you with some wanderlusty photos I've been looking at to keep me from buying anything else.

Places I'll be seeing pretty darn soon!


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