25 February 2015

Spring Break Forever, B*tches

St. Maarten
My Spring Break is over, and I don't think I can express clearly just how upset I am about this. (Take me back now, pleaaase!!)

I came back late Sunday/early Monday morning -- welcomed home by negative temperatures and about a foot of an ice sheet covering all surfaces outside.

It's a jungle out there, folks.

LOL at my face. Thanks sun!
We went snorkeling with sea turtles and I got surrounded by so many different colourful fish, it was amazing! The water was beautiful, the weather was beautiful and the temperatures were in the 30's (celsius). I swam, hiked, walked, ran and drank lots of rum - just had so much fun!

I got to San Juan, Puerto Rico late Friday and my mom met me at the airport as she had already been there for a couple days. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, which was just a block from the closest beach and a bus ride away from Old San Juan, and the hotel was wonderful! The people were so friendly, the food was great, and I was sad to leave on Sunday but we had to meet up with the cruise ship!

We went on the Carnival Valor ship from Carnival Cruises. We visited St. Thomas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, St. Kitt's and St. Maarten. I really loved Barbados and St. Maarten the best. St. Maarten is considered one of the more beautiful islands of the Caribbean, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

I think I'll save some more review of my trip for photos I'll post up hopefully this weekend. For now, I just wanted to update the blog and post a little teaser! 

Have a great week, loves!

Playsuit from Oh My Love London with a skirt from H&M slipped on top.

12 February 2015

Spring Break Inspo: Beach Babes

I'm leaving for Puerto Rico for a couple days, then heading around the Caribbean islands for my reading week on Friday! I've got one midterm standing in between myself and a sunshine paradise -- I just want it to be over!!

Because of this, I've compiled some beach inspo to get myself in the mood. Perhaps it'll inspire you for your Spring Break, or just make you believe you're somewhere warm! ;)

Does anyone else think Candice Swanepoel is the epitome of laid back, beach chic.

(But really, most of the VS Angels pull it off effortlessly.)

Anywho, without further ado!

I'm not sure if I'll get on Insta or on here to update much, so just in case, I hope you all have an amazing week and I'll see you later!!

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day!! <3

08 February 2015

Why You Shouldn't Hate on Valentine's Day + Outfit Inspo

Source: Oh My Love London
Let me start this by saying I completely agree with the idea that Valentine's Day is a ridiculous holiday made up by Hallmark and all those other cards/chocolate companies to capitalize on such a market. However, sometimes everyone needs a reminder to share their love with those in their lives, so it can have its benefits. We can all get a little too busy and too involved in our own lives to realize when someone we care about could just use a hug. Valentine's Day is the perfect reminder to spread the love! 

I am strongly opposed to anyone who uses it as an excuse to throw a self-pity party because they're newly single, have been single for a while, or just aren't near their loved one. 

My take is this: you don't need to have a significant other to actually enjoy Valentine's Day. (YES I said it!) Nowhere is it stated specifically that you must spend the day with a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/etc.

So if you are single: find some BFF's and watch a movie or go out for dinner and a movie. Exchange gifts and cards, tell them how much you appreciate them. 

Valentine's Day is an excuse to dress up, buy a ton of chocolate and eat it all at once, and go have some fun whilst sharing your love with whomever you choose to! 

And I don't know about you, but getting a card from a friend saying they love me is just as special, if not more, as getting one from the person you're shacked up with!

So whether you're heading out with friends or your lover, here's some inspiration! I apologize for the lateness on this one, I meant to put it up earlier but honestly fell asleep the other night before getting to finish (eep!)

Kimchi Blue Scarlett Fit + Flare Dress, $69, Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Spaghetti Strap Lace Dress, $69, Urban Outfitters

House of Harlow 1960 Bow Front Romper, $56.33, PacSun 
Kendall & Kylie Bow Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress, $57.70, PacSun

Oh My Love Lace Frill-Collar Sleeveless Shift Dress, $79, Urban Outfitters
When In Rome Slip, $109.69, Free People

Tiki Bar Set, $356.48, Free People
Waikiki Dress, $299.15, Free People

Eye Candy Plunge Neck Jumpsuit, £18.00, Oh My Love
Cross The Line Pink Open Back Midi Dress, £35.00, Oh My Love

Source: Oh My Love London

Make Your Own Valentine's Cards Tutorial via Urban Outfitters

02 February 2015

OOTW: School Girl Funk

Untitled #49

Didn't have class as campus closed early because of the snow, so I've pretty much been lounging away the day and watching movies. 
Apparently we've got several more weeks of winter, if we listen to the groundhogs, but I'm already dreaming of the summer days. Maybe after my trip to the Caribbean I'll be back to loving wearing bundles of clothes just to step out of the house (probably not)
Have a great week, everybody!