07 March 2015

Ring in Spring with Forever 21 x Florals

1. Romper, $26.90 / Hat, $22.90 

Spring fashion is in full swing and the amount of florals I'm seeing is almost overwhelming.

Growing up, most of my wardrobe consisted of flowers. My mom had a very serious obsession with floral patterns. Not only was it floral dresses, skirts, shirts, but also floral curtains and bedding and even floral kitchen plates. So once I was able to dress for myself, almost out of principle, I declared my closet a floral free zone! 

Now that I've started wearing florals a little bit more, I never hear the end of it! (It's still not floral overboard like my childhood, though.)

I was window shopping online last night and found a bunch of bright and lovely floral pieces, so here's nine cheap floral pieces from Forever 21 that I will probably purchase at some point

1. Romper, $17.90
2. Skirt, $21.90
3. Pants, $18.90 

1. Dress, $22.99
2. Skirt, $27.90
3. Skirt, $10.99 

1. Romper, $27.80
2. Leggings, $10.99
3. Dress, $15.90

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