02 January 2015

Hi 2015

New Year's was pretty eventful. I headed off to one party to spend some time with friends, before getting a ride over to another party to ring in midnight and the new year with some others. I had wanted to spend as much time with everyone as possible, as I leave on the eighth and I know I probably won't have a lot of time to see them again. 

I chopped off my hair just hours before heading out, and kept thinking to myself how bald I felt throughout the rest of the day. I think I like it though, heck of a lot less annoying than how long my hair was before. 

Yesterday was spent recovering and sleeping, then getting disappointed by the Canucks game. Today, my family and I literally just rolled out of bed and headed out for a late lunch at Orrange. I had a very delicious ciabatta sandwich and some french fries (oops, there goes clean eating in the new year already).

I promise we like each other. Sometimes.

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

(Also, go Canada!!)

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